Wednesday, 29 September 2010

September purchases

Here's a couple of items i've bought this month -
I ordered these boots from All Saints. I've not had chance to wear them yet but i absolutely love them as i can wear them casual or i can dress them up a bit. They have 2 colours available, 'Graphite' and 'Washed Black'. The ones i ordered are 'Washed Black' but they have a bit of a brown tint to them which i don't mind as I wear a lot of browns. The boots are called 'Avanta Boots' and can be found in the vintage section on They were originally £160 but are now £70 which is a massive difference.

'Contrast pleated cami' from Topshop. I love this cami as it can be worn as a top or a dress. I bought it in hope of a night out but i think it will be New Years Eve before I get chance to wear it. It's only £38 and it is also available in the tall section and in other colours too.
'Wavy Detail Tunic' in black bought from Topshop. I wasn't sure on this when i ordered it from the website as it was only £16 so I though it might be cheap looking but it's quite good quality. I was worried it might be see through but it's not at all. Topshop do quite a few colours in this design so i might be ordering a few more and at £16 it's quite a bargain for a dress. I'm going to wear it with some costume jewellery or maybe a statement jacket as it is quite plain on its own but I guess if i wear it on night out with the girls i can pair it with some killer heels.

I love love love this jacket. I saw the Burberry aviator jacket in magazines and fell in love but unfortunately Burberry is way out of my price range. Since then i've been searching for an aviator jacket that looks really good quality as there are some horrible ones out there. I came across this one in an issue of Vogue and was surprised when it said it was from Topshop. It wasn't online and i still don't think they have put it on there but I was visiting a friend in London for the weekend and had chance to visit the Oxford St store. If any of you have been you know how huge it is and luckily has all stock in there which is where i found this jacket. It was £78 but well worth the money. Its lovely and warm and such good quality.

This 'Bayside Tigers' sweater is one of my favourite purchases ever. I think it was £30. It is very 80's and based on the cheerleader outfits from the TV show 'Saved by the Bell'. I first saw this on Mollie King from The Saturdays -she always has gorgeous clothes- and I had to search online for pictures of her wearing it but eventually found where it was from - It was on back order for ages but one of the girls who works there emailed me as soon as it was back in. i love this website as it always has some great designs on t-shirts and jumpers i will put up another post with my truffle shuffle purchases.

Thanks for reading my blog
Nicole xoxo

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