Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Hair Products

Here's some of the products I use to help keep my hair in tip top condition....

These are my hairbrushes I use the most - excuse any hair.

From left to right :-
*Head Jog 'Heatwave' ceramic ionic brush no97 (52mm) - I use this brush for blow drying my hair the bristles are really good quality and what I find really great is the red strip in the middle turns yellow when you apply to much heat which really helps prevent damage. I bought this brush from a seller on ebay and they come in a range of sizes.
*Denman classic styling hair brush 7 rows- I use this brush for when i'm back combing as it does a really good job of getting my hair big which i love. I tried all kinds of combs and brushes but my hair just falls flat as its quite thick and heavy but this brush really works. I also ordered this brush from a seller off ebay but i think you can pick one of these up from just about any store that sells brushes as they've been around for years.
*H2D pink tourmaline ionic paddle hair brush- this is my favourite brush ever. I love paddle brushes but this one just glides through my hair with such ease. As I have curly hair it does tend to get quite tangled and i do straighten it a lot but since using this i've found it snaps a lot less. As with the others I also bought this from ebay - I'm on ebay a lot.
*Pink Tale Comb - This comb is great for sectioning my hair and when i want to style smaller sections of my hair. This comb came in a set of Katie Price hair straighteners i got as a gift but you can pick combs like this up from just about anywhere.

I am a bit of an 'Aussie hair' fan. It is quite expensive usually around £3.50 per item. I buy from superdrug as they do offers all the time usually 2 for £6.00 which is good if you buy a treatment because they are usually over £4.
I don't wash my hair everyday as i like to let the natural oils do their job and my hair tends to dry out if i was it a to often.
From left to right:-
*miracle moist shampoo
*miracle moist conditioner - i use both of these every time i wash my hair they smell gorgeous and make my hair feel really soft
*3 minute miracle treatment- i use this probably once every 2 weeks or if i do a lot of styling with my hair i will use it more often-especially after a night out as i tend to use loads- and i mean loads- of product and back comb a lot so it needs this the day after. Since using this my hair has improved loads. Definitely one of my favourite products.
*miracle moist insurance- this is a leave in conditioner. I use this every time i blow dry my hair. You don't need to use a lot just a few sprays and then brush it through. I can really tell the difference if i don't use it, my hair feels a lot softer and looks really shiny because i've got really thick hair it takes me a long time to dry my hair and all that heat dries my hair out even if i've used a treatment i can still tell a difference if i don't use aussie insurance.
*Dual personality shine + protection serum - I always use this and have for years so i'm not actually sure how my hair is without using it. I only need to use an amount the size of a 2p that i squeeze in the palm of my hand first -some times i use less than that otherwise my hair feels sticky. I then rub my hands together. I rub my fingers and my hands through my hair starting from half way down moving downwards. When i've used most of the product on the ends i fun my hands through the top and through my fringe. This really helps my fringe as i have a ca-flick in the middle and it helps to make the fringe a little bit heavier to hold down otherwise it flicks all over the place. I don't start at the top straight away as i've done this in the past and it makes the roots look really greasy.
I have tried many other products which i've found really good but 'Aussie' has really helped improve the condition. Another shampoo and conditioner i do really like is 'Herbal Essences' which makes my hair really shiny.

As i use a lot of heated products on my hair it's important for me to have a good heat protection spray. This one is by Trevor Sorbie and it's really good. I tend to change heat protector every time it runs out to a different brand but i think i might stick with this one as its been great for my hair. I spray it all round my hair from a distance not too much or too close as it will make my hair greasy. I do this before i blow dry or before i straighten/curl.

Other products i use are:-
L'oreal Ellnett hair spray - the superdrug near me recently sold Cheryl Cole special editions and they were on offer so i stocked up.
My hair is naturally brunette but i dye it a little bit darker. I've used different brands but always use darkest brown number 4. The last dye i used was a l'oreal one which had a bottle with a comb so it was easy to put on myself and the development time was 10 minutes which is so quick considering salon colouring tends to take 45minutes to an hour. However, my colour is quite simple and all over and i do tend to get natural highlights coming through. I would always recommend going to the salon first for advice on any kind of colouring especially if you are wanting to go lighter. A professional colour is always worth the money. If you don't know a good colourist always go off recommendations, if you ask the salon they will always tell you they are best when that isn't always the case - i know this from past experience.
The straighteners i use are Babyliss (230 i think) and i find these do a really good job. i had the original GHD's but i found that my hair would go wavy by the end of the day but with my Babyliss they stay straight all day. I have had these for 3 years and they are still going strong and i think they are now only £30. I'm not saying that GHD's aren't good straighteners but the pair i had just didn't work for me and it was about 5 years ago i got them so technology has changed.
The curlers I have are Mark Hill and they are really good. They are medium size and do really nice curls. However, i would love bigger curlers - i'm hoping i get some for christmas.
My hair dryer is a salon brand i'm not sure what it's called. My mum is a beauty therapist and is always at the wholesalers so they were really cheap and really good as this is what salons use.

If you have any hair products you would like to share or if you have any questions about anything please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading my blog.
Nicole xoxo

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  1. I love usuing the aussie brand on my hair too :D