Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Truffle Shuffle Haul

Truffle shuffle is a website that was established in 2004. It mainly sold 80's themed clothing but over the years it's added other things from different years. I love the clothes on this site and have quite a collection. Whats great is that they are clothes that don't date so things i bought in 2005 i still wear. This site is also really popular with many celebrities. I'm really into 80s themed stuff and thats how i came across it. Here are some of the things i have bought over the last few years.

Disney couture items-

I love anything Disney and fell in love with these vests they are absolutely gorgeous on and quite a few celebrities have been pictured wearing them.

The Care Bears

I loved the Care bears growing up and i've not grown up - i still love them and these t-shirts are sooo cute and my hoody is so snuggly. My favourite is the 3rd one along this tee was sold out for ages but i finally managed to get it.

Disney couture pajamas

I was bought these as a gift for my birthday and I love them. They are so comfy and just look really cute. My fave PJs.

Saved By the Bell Bayside Tigers jumper

I mentioned this jumper in my september purchases post. I first saw this pictured on Mollie King from The Saturdays and searched the internet to find where it was from. I was pleased when i found it on truffle shuffle and was surprised that it wasn't as expensive as i was expecting it to be. Its so comfy and looks great on.

My Little Pony - Daddy I want A Pony hoody

I first saw this in 2009 when Katie Price was pictures wearing it. It was sold out for months but truffle shuffle emailed me when it was back in and i finally got it. Katie Price doesn't have the best fashion sense but she does have some pieces that I love. She sold the hoody she was pictured in on her ebay site Jordans Closet and it went for over £400 which is crazy considering it cost £35.

Flashdance Top

This was the first item i bought from truffle shuffle in 2005. I was going through an 80s obsession and just had to have everything 80s themed and this was my favourite item of clothing. I still love it and even though i've worn it loads its still in perfect condition.

I thought i'd share with you my love for this website as i've recommended it to some of my friends and they are now obsessed too. It has ladies, mens, kids and accessories there is something for everyone.

Thank you for reading my blog.
Nicole xoxo

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  1. Hi doll! Love your blog! Thank you for following mine. You and I both love pink! I love your background -- reminds me of VS signature stripes! So cute! I too, love Minnie Mouse and the Carebears! I was obsessed with them when I was a a young girl... still kind of am! lol! xx