Sunday, 3 October 2010

My love for Uggs

As it's coming up to the winter season Ugg boots are the perfect winter boot to keep your feet snuggly warm in this cold weather. I got my first pair for christmas 2006 and my addiction to Uggs began. These are all the pairs i have collected over the years....

Cardy Uggs - I have 3 pairs of the original cardy boots, black, gray and oatmeal, and I have the new style in cream also. The original have three buttons down the side and can be worn up or folded down - as they are in the picture. The new style are tall with a diamond shape affect in the fabric they are so cute.

Classic short- I have 5 pairs of the classic short - sand, chestnut and I also have rainbow colours pink, purple and baby blue.

Classic tall- I have 5 pairs of classic tall - black, brown, chestnut, gray and pink. I also have Sundance tall in cream and Ultimate tall in black. These are an adaption to the classic with different soles and different designs on them. The sundance have fur down the side and ultimate have a white pattern down the back. I wear the tall boots either up as they are in the picture or folded down which is really cute too.

These short brown boots aren't Ugg but Love from Australia boots. I got these 3 years ago from Wags Boutique in London and they are quite similar to the Ugg Bailey Button boots but with ribbons. I'm not sure if these boots are sold any more but they are really cute.

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  1. Wow! SO many UGGS! I had a pair in high school, and I wore them to death! Poor things... they looked awful when i was through! lol.